See What You Want To

The full spectrum of reality is ever present, the good, the bad, the happy and the sad. It’s what we choose to observe that becomes our reality.

The Illusion of Purpose

For many people, to be is to be what we call ego. The ego exists on the basis of purpose and reason, but purpose and reason are made up ideas to give the illusion of meaning which gives a sense of existence. Who wants to exist without meaning? The answer to our age old question may have been staring us in the face since the question was first asked, maybe there is no reason outside of the thing itself. Maybe we just haven’t been satisfied with that answer or willing to accept it so we continue searching for some ultimate and final answer. We will continue making religions and fighting with anyone who disagrees until we accept the answer we knew all along. THERE IS NO PURPOSE. THERE IS NO MEANING. Take a deep breath, it’s ok, in fact it’s better than ok. If this is the case and all we’re left with is the blank canvas of the infinite present then all we have to do is pick a purpose we feel worth living for. What is a purpose worth living for? There is no wrong answer, it’s up to you to decide.

The Spirit of Connection

People relate heavily on the plain of consciousness built on words which attempt to bridge the sense of individual experience with the experience of the whole. That which is the same in each of us is the spirit which inspires all life. Recognizing that our spirit is there in another person is the feedback loop which creates a plane for consciousness to happen, the universe becoming aware of itself. Recognition of common experiences form our reality and is the root of connection.

Consider the act of sharing a meal with a friend. If both are present in the experience of tasting the flavors and becoming the food, at that moment a window is opened to explore our likeness. Words come later as a way of honing in and solidifying the nature of the experience. Words are like putting a thin cloak over the ghost we call experience. With them we can better see the form of what was always there. By sharing the thoughts and ideas that cross our minds we can find the common threads that connect us all.