Why Jorts?

Jeans are the number one type of leg-based clothing. We take mature jeans and give them afterlife. Our custom jorts are reincarnated into a fashion piece worthy of any occasion.

How Does This Work?

What You Do

Send us your old jeans and complete a short questionnaire so we can get an idea about the look and feel you’d like for your new bespoke jorts.

What We Do

We up-cycle the material above the knee. It's the fit you you honed over time. Our master jorts-miths customize the finish in a variety of styles, colors, and cuts to your liking.

Why You Do What You Do And We Do What We Do

In the end of the end...the majority of denim ends up in landfills. We make sure every bit of denim is re-used or re-cycled. We close the waste-stream, add style where style is lost, and take full advantage of a great fitting pair of slacks.