Slinky Thought

There is no end to the cycle, only a continuation. Recognizing where we are in the cycle gives the effect of looking into the future because the same thing happens every time. History is important because it repeats itself. Consider looking at a stretched out slinky from the side compared to looking through it down the middle. From one side …

The Student Has Little to Fear

We’re all fumbling through the cosmic dance of life giving it our best. One thing that’s become clear in the age of information is that we are ignorant of most. With the acceptance that we might not know everything comes the possibility of growth and expansion in any part of life. The student has little to fear.


Omens disrupt the script at random intervals and ask us to step outside our story for a moment and observe the path we’re on. Like waking up inside a dream and realizing it’s a dream, you look around and see that everyone is playing their part not knowing that they’re in your dream. Then, if you’re lucky enough to stay …


Desire is the distinction between what I am and what I wish I was. To bridge the gap it can be helpful to let desires die and find contentedness in the present. This somehow creates space for expansion and often a manifestation of the that original desire in miraculous ways.

Why Not?

Be the expression of the essence of life.

Ask Good Questions

The one asking questions controls the conversation but in order to question one must also spend more time listening than speaking.


Gratitude is the point of humble acceptance.

Dispassionate Love

Love is the observation of the whole, without the opinion of rightness or wrongness to one piece or another.