The Spirit of Connection

We relate heavily on a plain of consciousness built on words which attempt to bridge the sense of individual experience with the whole. The singularity in each of us is the spirit which inspires all expression of life. To recognize that our spirit is there in another is the feedback loop which gives a ground for consciousness, the universe becoming aware of itself. The recognition of this common experience forms our reality and is the root of all connection.

Consider the act of sharing a meal with another. If each involved are fully present in the experience of tasting the flavors and becoming the food, at that same moment a window is opened revealing the likeness between them. Our disconnectedness with others is often relative to the degree of presence in a shared experience. Words come later as a way of honing in and solidifying the nature of the experience.

An idea is only as powerful as the belief it inspires in others. My goal in sharing these thoughts is to find the common ground that connects us and inspire more full connections in the lives of others.